Cloud Storage for Music

Which is the best cloud storage company for storing the thousands of songs I have on iTunes. It is not clear to me that iCloud is the solution, as I understand it streams only in 256K or less. I do not necessarily need the music streamed from the cloud, only stored in its current format and resolution (CD quality or better) so I can bring it back on to my computer if I want to. I don't mind paying a reasonable amount so long as the service does what I need reliably and simply.

Advice? Thanks.

There are a couple of considerations that make the cloud storage idea less-than-perfect for many home users.

First, how many gigabytes of data are you talking? All of that data needs to be transmitted over your internet connection subject to your upload speed limitations. That can be a VERY slow process.

Second, many ISPs now have limitations on how much data you can upload/download per month. In my case, I'd have to split my music collection uploads over a 6 or 7 month period (and do no other online computing) in order to avoid extra charges for violating my data cap.

If you had to restore from the cloud to a new drive, you'd be looking at the same issues repeated.

There is also some concern about copyright infringement issues. "Copyright trolling" lawsuits have become very popular and here you're putting mountains of copyrighted music out into cyberspace. If you read the TOS (terms of service) contracts for ISPs and likely most cloud storage outfits, you'll find that will tell you they'll roll over pretty fast when faced with a subpoena demanding subscriber info. I could see a situation where cloud storage is simply painting a target on your backside.

Finally, most of the cloud storage outfits get pretty pricy if you want to store much data.

Considering that one can buy 1 or 2 terabyte drives in the $100 range, it still makes far more sense for the average Joe to buy a couple of USB drives and store his own collection. Just don't forget to keep one of the drives off premises.
Outstanding answer by Mlsstl, IMO.

A key point that is often overlooked by those relying on the cloud for backup purposes is that although the upload processes may go fine if done incrementally, little by little over time, if and when all of that data ever has to be downloaded in its entirety (due to failure of a local hard drive), it may take an absurd amount of time.

For example, downloading 1 TB of data over a 5 mbps connection will take AT LEAST 500 hours. And perhaps considerably more, depending on the speed and loading of the server at the other end.

And if the upload process is intended to be done all at once, rather than incrementally, the number of hours required would extend into the thousands at that connection speed, since upload speeds are generally much slower than download speeds.

-- Al
Better to skip the 'Cloud', just do a monthly backup to a fast, outboard hard drive, using a UBS 3.0 interface. With 3T going for less then $150, it makes sense to have two drives, keeping one off site at all times. Most people can't wait to the IP's start metering use, just like the cell phone carriers will shortly do.
iCloud will store CD quality data? It's certainly not doing that with the match feature it offers.
There are a lot of other cloud backup services besides Apple's. Regardless of the formats they allow a user to store, there is still the same issues of speed and bandwidth caps (and copyright if you choose to worry about that too).
I think Mlsstl's and the other Inmates'comments are cogent and persuasive, raising issues I had not considered. I think I will continue backup on external HDD. Thanks, gang.