Clou Blue Jaspis for Senn HD 580/600 Headphones

Can anyone who has replaced stock Sennheiser cord with Blue Jaspis (or Red Jaspis) comment on what effect it has on sound. Is this a significant upgrade over stock cords?

I know they look very cool, do they sound as good as they look?
Sam; I have 600s. Where are these custom cords available? Cost? I'm interested in your question too. Thanks. Craig.
Craig those sneaky guys at Headroom have them, but you have to go to Yahoo site to see them listed:

The salesman at Headroom says they really open sound up without sounding bright. They look really cool also, but wanted to get some independent member feedback on these
Do a search on "Clou" at either or Generally, the views I've seen have been favorable. However, I don't recall any specifics at this point.

I have tried the Clou Red Jaspis cables using a Wheatfield HA-2 amp and found the high frequencies to be objectionably harsh. Even after an extended break in, the highs and mids seemed to be exagerated and were extremely hard to listen to. However, if you are using one of Headroom's amplifiers, the exageration of the highs could be a plus since the cross feed circuit rolls off the highs. In comparing the Max with the HA-2 I found the Max to be dull and lifeless due to the cross feed. Perhaps the Red/Blue Jaspis could liven it up a bit.
Well I will answer my own question, as I purchased the Blue Jaspis for my Senn HD580 several days ago. I can tell you this the BJ will never be coming off my Senns!

The cable is a full 3 meters long, the body is bright blue and the right/left branch cables are dark grey. The cable is about as thick/stiff as TV coax cable, some people may not like this but it doesn't bother me, cable is double sheilded. Treminated in high quality 1/4 gold connector.

As far as sound, the treble/midrange is slightly more open
and detailed, yet still silky smooth. I am using Creek OBH 11 and Grado RA-1 headphone amps. The biggest improvement is to bass response which is noticeably deeper and more forceful, makes overall sound more dynamic. A very worthwile
improvement for $90 from headroom, I would recommend this to all Senn HD 580/600 owners.

I am amazed how cheap the Senn HD 580/600 can be purchased now here and other internet sites. Perhaps Garfish can let us know his impressions of his Blue Jaspis.
I learned of of the Clou Red Jaspis from this thread a few days ago...and decided to pick up a set. Wow. Improved the mids and highs of my HD 600's tremendously. Highly recommended!
To the previous posters on this topic (and others who know): Yesterday the connection in the mini-jack termination on my 4-month old pair of HD600's went south. A background buzz showed up intermmitently in one or the other or both channels, and came and went depending on how I manipulated and positioned the lead cable at the strain relief. It then became chronic in both channels no matter what I did (or what it was plugged into, whether the 1/4" adaptor was used or not). I was gonna go to RatShak for replacement plug, when I thought I remembered something about a cable upgrade called "Clou", did the A-Gon search, and found youse here guys. Well, if I'm talking about spending mo' money than just getting a better jack, this is what I primarily think could use improving with the 'phones' sound: They are too aggressive through the treble, whether powered by my Musical Fidelity X-Cans v.2 or any other source. The above opinions on the Clou to remedy this conflict somewhat, but overall seem to be pro. But which version will be best for this? How is the modification made to the earpieces? And how much is comfort compromised? Thanks for any advice.
I wrote a comparison of these cables at Head-Fi.

You can see it at:

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