Closing music to Dylan & The Band DVD...

Just stumbled onto this 8 part video on You Tube. Didn't know it was from a DVD 'til the end. The closing music alone as the credits roll in part 8 is worth the price of admission. 2 requests, please:
1) Looking for a live version of Dylan doing the song "Down in the Flood" I hear it on Pandora but can't locate it for purchase. Do find studio versions but so far not live. Will someone please point me in the right direction?

2) Anyone know the title of the closing song on the above referenced DVD?

Thanks in advance.
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The version of "Down In The Flood" on the soundtrack to the film "Masked And Anonymous" is live.It's on a soundstage but it does have applause and various whoops at the conclusion.
Thanks Casey. Yup...finally found it and ordered the M&A soundtrack from Amazon for like $5 bucks. Mainly for that one song - BUT there's other good music on the CD too. Were you intending to say DITF is NOT live (just sounds that way)?

Still wondering about the closing tune on the "Down In the Flood" documentary.

Thanks again.
It's live on the movie soundstage.The audience is made up of actors,film techs,etc.Just intending to point out that it is not from a Dylan show.
Ok. Got it. Thanks yet again.