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Any deals since blu ray is here?
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I've heard of Denon and Pioneer deals.

if you're looking used, you can get a great deal on virtually every non-blue ray universal player--just glancing at the agon ads i see lexicon rt- and denon 3910 units for as little as $425 and arcam and nad m series for around $800. all nice stuff. i'd assume most retailers are also blowing out comparable gear.
I saw the denon 5910ci for $999, reg $3800, NIB with warranty
There is a race to the bottom on DVD players now that blu-ray has won the war. Wait for the holiday season and they will be at half or less of what they are today.
Denon 2930...what pioneer would compete?
Onkyo DV-SP1000. I just bought one on ebay for $299.00(retail $1600.00)shipped. Let me tell you this thing is a beast(26.7 lbs). It plays any disk you throw at it except BD and HD-DVD. The picture quality is excellent and reg DD sounds like DD TrueHD and DTS sounds like DTSMA. I now use it for CD's and DVD's instead of my Panny DMP-BD30 BD player. There are a couple for sale here on audiogon. Also the Integra DPS 10.5 is the same player.

of all of the above, lexicon. not because i have an rt10 listed, the rt20 can be had cheap as well. these are $3500/$5000 pieces that can be had under 1k. remarkable audio bargains a step above denon, pioneer etc.