Closed box, Port-less speakers

Are there any closed box, port-less or otherwise uniquely designed speakers that can rival the sound and quality, imaging, soundstage, articulation and smoothness of the ref 3a de capo's, opera callas, totem model 1, sonus faber's, etc etc etc? I know this is a bit like beating a dead horse but I have been unable to find speakers that are designed to be positioned against the wall behind it that performs anywhere near the quality of the aforementioned speakers which do not require this positioning.
What happend to the Bravo? Ref 3A's are very good but little thin compared to the Bravo...
Totem Model 1's have been around for awhile.. haven't heard them in a looong time.
The Opera's are beautiful for sure...
Sonus Faber... nahhh too colored.
Closed box speakers ar few and far between... this does not determine how close to a wall they can be placed... They often have poor bass depth and very low efficiency like the Aerial model 5...yuck! ....coaxial style speakers do much better close to the wall.
Anyway let us know what you decide.
uhhhhhh... check out the GMA Europas...Apparently they are front ported and can be placed very close to a rear wall with minimal detraction from the sound quality.

I have not personally heard them yet, but I've read TONS of good things about them.

Good luck and have fun finding what you're looking for!!
Have you considered Mackie HR824 powered studio monitors? Interesting! They would fit your requirement. Here's a couple of reviews. The ref 3a's were one of the speakers compared in the first review (He preferred the Mackies).
Soliloquy Sat-5's are awesome but do need a sub. I honestly feel that with a sub, they rival the most expensive soliloquy speakers.
ATC SCM 10 and 20. If you have not heard ATC then you have not heard enough monitor speakers. A good amp and speaker stands are required.
I use 60Watt tube amp to drive the SCM10. My speakers are less than 2 ft from the wall.