Closed back headphones and Focal

Hey folks, I am beginning to research closed back headphones. My primary use will be when family is still awake and sharing space so that speakers are off limits while the sound infiltration from my open backs is Less pleasurable .  Secondarily, if I find a good sounding set of cans that do well at passive isolation, I might consider them over ANC for travel. 
I also have an opportunity for a tremendous deal on the Focal Stellia. Does anyone have experience with them or suggestions for other closed back headphones?
Anyone familiar with the LSA HP 2 closed back headphones? Thoughts?
@switzer145 Check out the thread “Anyone interested in nearly perfection on a headphone a a great price??” here from a few days ago also in the Headphones category — the OP has nice things to say about them and references several other headphones he’s compared them to. 
I have to 2nd the Sony MDR-Z1R great closed back and a fun sound.
I have the Stellia over here.
It's my first closed back.

I'm coming from HiFiman Arya.
I still have the Arya.
I'll post impressions eventually...
Definitely be interested in your thoughts on them @devilboy.