Closed back headphones

I am having a good time with headphones and headphone amp (Senn 700; AKg 501), but I want to stop sending my wife to the other room, so I am considering closed back.
I like the other two headphones. The AKG is lite in the bass, and the Senn may be a little on the warm side. Classical is great on the AKGs.
Any suggestions?
The new MrSpeakers Aeon is supposed to be great for the money....  Great reviews. 

I need 'phones , my wife said "turn it down " the other day   Followed by " you need headphones".  

She's right,  but dumb of her to say that to me ....Ha ha.    

The lesson I took away from that was always do what your wife says...

I haven’t heard them, but I was also thinking Aeons could be good.  I was thinking of a pair of LCD-2’s, but I just don’t want another open headphone, for the exact same reason - so I’m considering the Aeons...