Close your eyes and hear the music ?

It seems like music sounds better when I close my eyes. Some people claim that it sounds better with their glasses on. Someone once told me that if someone suggested that music sounded better in the nude that a large group of audiophiles would swear to it! What makes music better for you ?
Lights out, eyes closed, glasses off and I prefer to keep the old buttocks covered due to the leather sofa.
I'm with Dekay on this one. I believe that vision distracts from full aural concentration. I have a blind friend who lost his sight at age 20, and he says that his hearing is far more acute than when he was sighted. I love listening to music late in the evening, lights very low or out, glasses off (do all audiophiles wear glasses?) -- but my La-Z-boy has cloth upholstery, not leather, so clothing is optional. Any other "audio-a-buffo-philes" out there?
funny, I just bought some new dimmer switches for the listening room.
Unfortunately my initial experimentaion with lights down, my new chair and eyes closed is ..... sleep: perchance to dream
BTW yes I wear glasses and worse yet I am needing bifocals soon
Agree with eyes closed, darkened room, glasses off, light up some candles &/or incense, clothing optional (as I haven't noticed a sonic difference in that respect). Unless S.O. accompanies me on the sofa late at night, in which case the audio may take a back seat to other home-made music (where clothing is definitely un-necessary)...LOL :-)
Bob has a "problem" when listening to music and his wife is in the room. You can call it a side-effect of his speakers. Anybody wanna guess what it is ??? : ) Sean
Jdwek: Yes, I forgot to mention that I do dose off quite a bit, but only if the music is good.
Actually if I go to an actual live classical concert I invariably doze of right about the second movement. Sometimes I think I should be awake for the whole thing but that little nap I get is so peaceful
It's all about 'unraveling the knitted sleeve of care'. Dream away!
Sean, Bob's just illustrating the sonic qualities of his system is: so good, it makes you want to love and create (your own music)... Bob, I hope you don't create home-music to a vinyl background: you know, that recurrent and distracting sound as the stylus hits the end of the side...:)

BTW, I too like listening in the dark room with a view (night view) from the balcony. But I rarely listen peacefully; I get up and move in front of the speakers, I conduct the orchestras, etc.
Must be a frustrated, would be musician!
There's a streetlight directly in front of my house. I like to turn off all the interior lights and let the glow of the streetlight stream through partially closed blinds. And when it's perfect, I'm there with a very special person and we let the music take us where it may. Great music has appeal both to the mind and to that other nerve center.
I am DEFINITELY going to have to get my fiance to come down and listen to more music with me.
For me what enhances the music most is...better equipment. Seriously though, lights off does it, as does lying down, even though it puts my ears at the wrong angle. Oh, and I actually prefer having my wife with me, whether we're making our own music or not.
For serious listening the lights are always down; low level mood lighting is better than total darkness. Something nice to drink, like a good wine or brandy, doesn't hurt, either. Has anyone else pick up on how much all of these descriptions sound like the latter stages of a good date?

BTW, Kitch, what's the source of that quote? I'd direly like to know.
Since i think that everyone was pretty much afraid to "go there", i'll have to explain my "inside joke" about Bob's system. The "side effects" of having horn loaded speakers MIGHT be that it makes one "horny". With some good tunes and his woman present, who could blame him ??? : ) Sean
I have not heard anyone mention yawning. It clears my ears and the music sounds much better.
.....a considerably different take on this; the other day I completed a vigorous workout about mid-afternoon, toweled off and flopped down in front of my warmed up stereo. A great experience, the music was more crisp, clear, warm, and natural than I'd ever heard it.

I've read that exercise enhances hearing, but this was my best experience with this phenomenon-- got to try this some more. But usually I like the relaxing, low lights, late evening ambiance with Shirley Horn, Diana Krall, Holly Cole etc.. Cheers. Craig
So Craig, after a vigorous "workout" you listen to music. Shoot, I had it backwards all this time. Kinda changes the definition of eternity to a man.
Craig, I've had the exact opposite happen. I used to workout for 1 1/2 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week when I was thinking of entering a bodybuilding contest. I'd push myself extremely hard each workout. Afterwards my hearing was almost similar to being exposed to loud levels for a fair amount of time. Everything seemed compressed, highs sounded rolled off, etc. I couldn't enjoy music until a couple of hours later after my body had wound down.
Yes i agre with most everyone...eyes closed and i like it dark. I can just sit back and enjoy the music ....although i do get sleepy :-D But if i have my eyes open i am thinking about how i can better my sound. isint that what audiophiles do? But anyway yea dark and eyes closed with a cold drink (coke) in hand and your favorite cd. thats what i like !!
Eyes closed seems pretty standard but even better is a little weed. It brings out the detail, smoothness, and enjoyment of the music. It removes all distractions, physically and mentally, and only leaves the music.
I have a 25 watt yellow light over my rig.Its the only light allowed on.Just enough to illuminate the room and to see well enough to drop the stylus into the lead in grooves! I havent missed yet!
I have found some incense help also! Dont know why but it always sounds better with some sweet smelling air to breath!
As far as nudity...e-mail me for the x-rated facts! :>)
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