Close to wall monitors for Naim UnitiQute

I'm looking for recomendations for a pair of bookshelf/monitor style speakers that match up well with my Naim UnitiQute AND can go up against (or close to) the back wall. I once read someone recommend Totem Arro, but I really need monitors.

I read good reviews on Guru speakers. These are designed to be near or against a wall.
I hear they're great too. I don't think they're easily found in the States though.
Sounds like you're a candidate for The Clue from Sjofn Hi Fi. Just google clue speaker and you can find the site and a good Positive Feedback review.
Mtbrinder, I actually heard to The Clue at RMAF in October and am strongly considering them. In fact, they are probably the lead option right now. I really liked their presence and ability to fill the room. For the price ($1,000 new), they are hard to beat.

The Guru's look interesting, but without being able to give them a test listen...what is the audiophile equivalent of "sight unseen?"

Thanks all!