Close to wall monitors for Naim UnitiQute

I'm looking for recomendations for a pair of bookshelf/monitor style speakers that match up well with my Naim UnitiQute AND can go up against (or close to) the back wall. I once read someone recommend Totem Arro, but I really need monitors.

Forgot to mention that I am historically a ProAc fan, having used the 1SC and currently have D28, but they just won't work for the space I have now.
Naim N-Sat. I don't like them much, but they're a natural pairing and go right against the wall. If they weren't so "wall of sound" I'd like them a lot more.

PMC's DB1i will well, and perhaps the TB1i. I know the DB1 is wall mountable, not sure how well the TB1 would work.

Focal Chorus 705v

Linn Majik 109 (I think that's the current number)

The Totem Arro won't take up more space than a monitor on stands. Due to its small footprint, it may actually take up less space. Not sure how it would sound right up against a wall, but I've heard them about 6" or so away from the wall and they were fine. I'm a big fan of the Arro. One of my favorite speakers regardless of price.
The Harbeth P3ESR would be a great match. Not sure how much room it needs nor how much you have.
Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm glad to learn of models that can go up against the wall.

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't heard the Harbeth's - which is surprising given the popularity of the model. If a used pair pops up here I may have to jump on them.

I'm curious about the Totem Rainmaker compared to the Arro - do they paint a similar sound signature and tone (I have experienced the Arro before and liked what I heard). I am finding myself tempted to just go with a pair of Arro.
The Arro and Rainmaker aren't that similar. The Rainmaker has been criticized for sounding a bit sharp and edgy. I haven't heard the Rainmaker in a while, but I did hear both side by side a while back. I liked the Arro quite a bit more.

Totem designs each speaker individually. There's no line, so to speak, of small, medium and large of the same speaker. I think Totem suggests the Dreamcatcher as a surround for the Arro, not the Rainmaker. Possibly the Mite, but most likely the Dreamcatcher.

Did I mention I'm a huge fan of the Arro?
I read good reviews on Guru speakers. These are designed to be near or against a wall.
I hear they're great too. I don't think they're easily found in the States though.
Sounds like you're a candidate for The Clue from Sjofn Hi Fi. Just google clue speaker and you can find the site and a good Positive Feedback review.
Mtbrinder, I actually heard to The Clue at RMAF in October and am strongly considering them. In fact, they are probably the lead option right now. I really liked their presence and ability to fill the room. For the price ($1,000 new), they are hard to beat.

The Guru's look interesting, but without being able to give them a test listen...what is the audiophile equivalent of "sight unseen?"

Thanks all!