Clock upgrade for transport or dac?

I use a Marantz SA-8400 sacd player (the european two-channel version of the SA-8260) as a transport, feeding a Bel Canto DAC2.

The Marantz has been modded a bit, with the addition of an Audiocom Superclock II, a bybee filter and an upgraded digital output stage.

I'm now turning my attention to the dac. I'm having some the caps etc replaced but am wondering if a new clock (perhaps the Superclock III or LC Audio X03) would make a significant difference to the dac? In general, is it best to have the transport or dac or both re-clocked, bearing in mind that the clocks in the transport and dac are at different frequencies?

If a new clock for the dac is worth it, which one should I go for?

Do you have somebody to do the work?Think Dan Wright at modwright may work on your Marantz.My guess is miost guys who do the work say "yes it's always worth it unless the modell is outdated or hard to work on.