Clock Frequency of KRELL SACD Standard Player

I am looking for data concerning CLOCK FREQUENCY of KRELL SACD STANDARD player. Can anyonw advise me the value or advise me where to look for the data.


Which one? The new one or the old one? The old one uses Philips transport. The same as in the Philips SACD1000, Marantz SA-12 and Musical Fidelity. The freq is 16,9344 but then it goes trought dividers and 3 PLL ICs in order to come up with the many clocks this machine needs. So which one you are looking for?

It is the old KRELL SACD STANDARD Player using Philips Transport. I ask the question, because I am thinking to replace the clock with SuperClock 3. I have to provide clock frequency in order to buy the Superclock 3. I am looking for the clock frequency that use to Play Stereo SACD in the KRELL SACD STANDFARD PLAYER