Hi can someone help me. I have Linn Sonedek VII WITH koetsu black cartridge and manley Chinook pre amp. Load is 133 ohms which I like with jazz but when I play led Zeppelin II at same volume it clips every 1 minute? What is happening? Thanks for your insights.
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@lowrider57  did not reread my email. Speakers are Fritz Carbon 7 MK II speakers..88. Db
OK, so they're 8 ohm nominal.
I don't see an impedance curve, but Fritz states that they are easy to drive with low powered amps. Very little chance of clipping.

I'll agree with others that it could be cartridge or phonostage related. I've played lots of Zeppelin over the years at high volume and never experienced clipping.

" This particular record is famously distorted and is intended to sound this way"

+1.  It is pretty rough sounding, in a good way, regardless of pressing.  Lots of overdriven, distorted Bonham for example.  When he comes back in hard on Whole Lotta love it is a lovely mess!  I'm inclined to think you are perceiving the album's distortion as clipping.
The CD doesn’t sound distorted nor does it cause clipping. Obviously playing a guitar with a violin bow causes some distortion but that’s not what you guys are talking about. What causes clipping is unrestrained dynamic range. Distortion per second doesn’t cause clipping.
I love unrestrained dynamic range:)