Hi can someone help me. I have Linn Sonedek VII WITH koetsu black cartridge and manley Chinook pre amp. Load is 133 ohms which I like with jazz but when I play led Zeppelin II at same volume it clips every 1 minute? What is happening? Thanks for your insights.
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Too loud. Turn it down. :)

The volume sets the multiplier of the incoming signal, not the limit. Set that mulitiplier greater than the maximum possible and you get clipping.
If its really the same volume then its not clipping. So what is it?
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More information needed. Amp? Speakers? Etc., etc.
My guess is that since the Led Zeppelin record is slam full of overdriven electric guitar and voice tracks and the jazz record is not so afflicted, you are getting what the producers of the record intended. All you can do is turn the Led Zeppelin down; the overdrive distortion will still be there but won't be as offensive. And if you have small efficient speakers, your Led Zeppelin will sound even worse than it otherwise would.
This particular record is famously distorted and is intended to sound this way. As bsmg explains you simply need to turn it down. 
+1 bsmg! Loud rock (Zeppelin, Sabbath, ZZ Top ...) is recorded and meant to be played back LOUD! Sounds like you are clipping your amp. More power needed - or more efficient speakers!
My error forgot to mention cary Audio SL-80 F1 Signature tube amp 25 -50 watts with 84 db Fritz Carbon 8 MK II speakers.  This record is 180 gram remastered.  Thanks for your replies. Will turn it down but it not really that.loud with volume knob at 11 o'clock

Can’t find Fritz Carbon 8 MK II online. Need to know the impedance as well as the 84dB spec.
+1 roberjerman.

Also, have you tried different a different load setting on phonostage?

phil, turn the volume down. If you still hear the distortion it is most likely your cartridge miss-tracking in which case you have to go over your tone arm set up. Koetsu's are not the best tracking cartridges. It could also be the cartridge overloading the phono amp which I doubt unless there is perhaps a bad tube or the phone amp overloading the preamp. If the distortion goes away with lowering the volume then you are most likely clipping your amp. But you said the volume was not that high so I have a hard time with that theory. 
@lowrider57  did not reread my email. Speakers are Fritz Carbon 7 MK II speakers..88. Db
OK, so they're 8 ohm nominal.
I don't see an impedance curve, but Fritz states that they are easy to drive with low powered amps. Very little chance of clipping.

I'll agree with others that it could be cartridge or phonostage related. I've played lots of Zeppelin over the years at high volume and never experienced clipping.

" This particular record is famously distorted and is intended to sound this way"

+1.  It is pretty rough sounding, in a good way, regardless of pressing.  Lots of overdriven, distorted Bonham for example.  When he comes back in hard on Whole Lotta love it is a lovely mess!  I'm inclined to think you are perceiving the album's distortion as clipping.
The CD doesn’t sound distorted nor does it cause clipping. Obviously playing a guitar with a violin bow causes some distortion but that’s not what you guys are talking about. What causes clipping is unrestrained dynamic range. Distortion per second doesn’t cause clipping.
I love unrestrained dynamic range:)
The LP had the greater dynamic range by a considerable margin. I suspect especially the original Robert Ludwig MASTERDISC issue.
Try listening to Vanessa Fernandez "When the Levee Breaks." It's a 45rpm set of three records of her covers of Led Zeppelin songs. You're even able to hear the lyrics clearly, and she's a fine singer. Lots of the old standards on there. Highly recommended.
... Linn Sondek
That's the famous Linn sound....
Everyone, thank you for your feedback and response. When I looked at the setting tracking weight for the Koestsu black cartridge, it was set at 1.8014 grams which is on the low end of the recommended weight (1.8-2.0 grams). Adding a little more weight to 1.9 and a tracking force of 2.5 (although not sure why person who set up the cartridge had it at 2.7 grams).... This may have contributed to the clipping as it could have clipped / skipped dur to the energy being created between the vinyl and cartridge. WIll check later tonight to see if this helps. Anyone who has used a Koetsu black with  Ittok II tonearm would love to hear what you are setting your cartridge weight / tracking force at. Thanks again !
Hi. For those who are still reading this thread, here are the final results: changed tracking weight for the Koestsu cartridge to 1.9 with tracking force of 2.3, changed the Cary Audio SL-80 to ultrlinear mode (50 watts vs. 25 watts) and the cartridge load to 115 ohms and voila! No clipping even at 11 o'clock with a sound db level of 85. No distortion.  Hope this helps for those who are trying to get both Rock and Jazz from a low watt efficient tibe and speaker configuration. It can be done if you take some time to listen to the experts on this site and be patient!! Thanks again everyone. 
There you have it, you were running out of power and probably not mistracking.
*throws yellow flag*

"Clipping by the offensive team!  5 yard penalty, 2nd down!"

*hmm* 2.3.....85db....

Put the Linn in the next room the next time...;)

"...good times, bad times, y'know I've had my share...."

...I had that album stolen from me....
...serious Black Candle curse applied....<:(> ;)
For every 3db increase in SPL a doubling of amp power is required. So: 2 watts, 4 watts, 8 watts, 16 watts, 32 watts, 64 watts ... so even just a few clicks upward on the volume control soon reaches the amp's limit when trying to go louder on moderate sensitivity speakers!