dear friends:
i just recieve my cx-260 and px-650 with martin logan speakers ( 2 summit 2 clarity, one subwoofers and center )
i have a problem when the volume is high my px-650 start cliping ,can u please tell me how can i solve this problem and what's the reason for that problem?
waiting for yr reply

Is your Accuphase amp running all 5 speakers? what kind of volume level are you playing them at? what kind of current does the 6 channel Accuphase put out?
turn down the volume
Your gonna need alot beefer amp than that to drive those Summits.
You must listen at much lower level or to change amplifier.
I know some people who use Spectron Musician III SE and very happy and other surely suggest different contenders but you have wrong amplifier for your speakers
All The best

what's your opinion on the cx260? Are you overall happy with the amp as a home theater setup? thanks.
sure i am happy it's work very nice and easy