Cliffhanger Audio Bulldogs - do they have worth?

I bought myself a set of Cliffhanger Audio Bulldogs during the recession at great discount. I've had a change in employment that's resulted in my selling off some non-necessities, and I'm trying to figure out how much I could get out of these. I can't find any information in the Blue Book - has anyone seen these sold?
Nobody ever heard of these?????
Made in Canada around year 2001 or so, they had a retail of $3700.

From perusing the review on Soundstage with the accompanying measurements
backing up the good review it looks like a nicely made product, however the
company is no longer in business.

Best would be to put them up on auction and see what they bring.

Good Listening

There were some audiophiles interested in these speakers since they never came up used on the market. I think you should post them and wait for the right buyer. They are great speakers and drivers should be available for them off the shelf if ever needed. Not very well known but sought after by a few who have heard them.