Clicking sound from McIntosh 2125amp

My dad came for a visit this summer with the stereo that I grew up with shortly after I was born in 1973. It's a combination C28 and MC 2125 McIntosh setup. The amp was rebuilt around 8 years ago by a certified rep.

I set everything up in the basement a few days ago with a Dennon CDP and a Yamaha turntable. The system drives a pair of Boston Acoustic speakers.

When I turn on the amp I am getting a fairly loud and scrambled static that seems to go away after around ten watts goes thru the system. Also, with the amp on Watt setting I get a loud clicking sound about every half second when there is no signal. With the meter on decibel or hold I don't get that sound.

These sounds are prevalent with the pre on or off. Looking for initial ideas please? I'd hook it up to my Luxman integrated and Parsifals to experiment but I don't want to do any damage.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I would post this over in the McIntosh forum on are a number of very experienced techs there who know Macs really well. They have helped me multiple times on my old Mac gear. I also found a great tech there who fixed a couple pieces I got used.