Click/ Snap from the speakers

Hi All,

This is the first time I have posted anything on the forum and I hope this is the right place to be asking this question.

I have a McIntosh MC 402 amp and XLS 360 speakers and I play all my music through my mac, no pre amp or any other equipment.

I can say I am reasonably satisfied with the sound but I have been hounded by a click/snap sound when I switch the lights on and off or when the dish washer or washing machine comes on.

I asked around town here and the experts told me that

1-I need to buy a Monster Surge protector or if the budget allows a conditioner. I would like to know if that is the and case.

2-What happens with the power plugs if i move countries in the event I buy a surge protector, which imho is just like a big multi plug/ extension thing ? Do I use an adapter ?

3- Have been looking at pre amps, the C 46, C48,C50 in particular, would like to keep it in the same family,

I have learnt that the pre amps are a huge improvement but I dont have a CD player and use my MAC as the pre amp and I will still use the Mac as my source even after, so I was wondering if its a good idea to invest in one or just save up for something else.

Thank you in advance for all the help and advice,

This could simply be a non-shielded or poorly shielded cable picking the RF that happens when switches are activated. Try some different cables and see if that solves your issue. Worked for me.

Thanks for the advice, but i would like to know if you mean the speaker cables or the power cable. If it is the speaker cable then I have custom made cables not the stock cables.

Shall I try the stock cables ?


P.S. any advice on the pre amp/ setup ?
I had a throbbing noise in one channel that totally disappeared just by moving some equipment around.

I think Kjweisner was referring to your interconnects. I would start there but would try all of them if your IC's don't take care of it.
Sounds like you have a wiring problem in your house. Instead
of spending money on a surge protector,you should get a good
electrician to check out the cause of the problem. BTW,if you
like the sound you have you should leave it and not add a
Thanks all for all the help, I just unplugged and re connected everything and believe it or not no more snap.... very pleased right now.

As for the sound I think ill leave it like it is.