Clever Lil Clock - What's up with this?

Happy New Year to all....

Ok, I plead ignoranton this one..... Would some knowledgeable person please let me know what this device is intended to do

Is this a joke or am I missing something here?

Thanks. I am clueless on this one.
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Gerrym, you are not the only one asking the question, "Is this a joke or am I missing something here?"
Gerryn, I started a thread entitled, The best audiophile gag gift for X-mas, regarding the same company's Intelligent chip upgrade for CDP's, that you might want to take a look at. They market nothing but "snake Oil" products that are supposed to have " magical qualities" to enhance the sonics of your system. I recieved the Intelligent chip as a wonderful gag gift, it was great for laughs and great fun for its $16.00, but did absolutely nothing for the sonics my system. I'm sure their more expensive clock and pebbles are also a real hoot, but cost lot more for the same amount of belly laughs.
Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha..
Even an UN clever clock (battery removed) gets the time right, once a day.
>>Is this a joke or am I missing something here<<

No joke and if you're not careful you'll be missing $199
the pet rock of hifi.
Have a single one of you tried the clock who have come to the conclusion its " snake oil" ?
Yep- I'm curious as well. Sure looks and sounds like BS, but who among us has driven this thing?
I think Bigjoe and Teajay hit the, I mean, clock on the head. It's truely the "pet rock" of hifi.
Better get a roof....
Take a look at the recent thread What's the deal with the Machina Dynamica Clock? Plenty of feedback there.
Anyone wishing to read the other thread on this clock that Rcprince mentioned, the link is below.

Audiogon thread on clock
I have to be honest;just looking at the clock and pebble things,,,,is enough to not spend my money on them!IMHO
IMHO,,Yes,it is a joke!
You can tell what most folks think of this scam by looking at the current open auction on Audiogon. To summarize: 619 views, 0 bids. The numbers don't lie.
Your money would be far better spent on something that actually works....:-)
Not a joke, the Clever Little Clock is wonderfully effective at enhancing the sound quality of the system you already own.
okey dokey,,,
You can't blame them for trying..............? I wonder if they'd supply them with brass shoulders??
Your money would be far better spent on something that actually works....:-)

Always good advice, that's why I kept the Clever Little Clock in my system after an audition.
you can tell it's highly modded,just look at the little orange tunning dot on the face.
Hey Bigjoe,,,Does the orange tuning dot come with the standard model ,,or is that a mod?? Has anyone tryed brass cones,or wts. on top!I think ill wait untill a version with an upgraded power supply comes out before i buy one,,,wow,,,wouldnt that be great!That would be ,,,as good if not better than a speaker upgrade!Yep!
After years of research i have finally finished a product that will eliminate the need for acoustical room treatments,,,,its called "Cute Little Foil"It may look like an ordinary sheet of aluminum foil,,but dont let that fool you,,it has a microscopic coating of a special mineral solution that reacts with the sound waves to eliminate common acoustical problems that plague most listening rooms,,
Tin Cup -

The interesting thing about that review, is that the guy HATED listening to his system when the clock wasn't there. Doesn't that strike you as a bit odd? Without the clock his usual system that he was very familliar with "all of a sudden" was unlistenable, but as soon as the clock was in there, it was "the best he's ever heard it sound."

I recall a couple good reviews for the Yugo years ago and look what happened. Fact of the matter is you can find a good or bad review for just about any product or service.