Clements RT-7. Help I need Info on em

I am new to the audiophile game an I saw a pair of Clements RT-7 speakers in a local pawn shop. Lovely spaker to look at but I am wondering if anyone knows about the efficiency, characteristics, etc. I have a Jolida 302A and a CAL Ikon MK 2, decent interconnects and cables and want to know if they would be a good match. All HiFi sages feel free to weigh in.Thanks!
Yes,I am familiar with them, in fact, I own the turntable from their reference listening room. In any event, they can be a very good speaker provided you pick an amp that is truly capable of controlling the woofer. Some of the older Krell amps did a terrific job.
Sure could use your help. At this point, I am needing any info I can get. Do you have an email address or hone number? Thanks so much. Don
If you need any questions answered about them, I know the gentleman who was part of Clements company now works asthe operations managerat Magnum Dynalab in Ontario Canada, hisname is Jim Richards.