Clement Perry's new reference speaker

I just got finished reading on the Stereo Times website a review of the Sunny Cable Magistic reference speaker by Clement Perry who is the publisher/founder of this website.

These speakers retail for $90000.00 a pair, they are a horn based speaker design. Mr Clement's reference was the highly regarded Dali Megaliners, untill he tried these in his home system.

I have never anywere read or talked to anyone who has ever heard Sunny Cables wires and speakers, only on the Stereo Times were they are quite impressed by this line of wires and now this reference speaker.

So, my question to you GON members, have any of you ever listened or auditioned Sunny Cable wires or their line of speakers, if so thanks for sharing
I took Greg (who I never met before) up on his offer to hear his system, since a friend (who's quite critical) heard Clement's system was extremely impressed.

I brought some of my reference CD cuts, and was quite impressed with the speaker's qualities. I have never been a fan of horn designs, but the system really won me over. The speaker was able to reproduce inner vocal and instrumental details and inflections I have not previously heard from these recordings. Vocals were extremely smooth and never shouty (as I have heard before on other systems). Drum skin sounds were abundant, well fleshed out and properly resonant. The dynamics, both micro and macro were outstanding. This was even more evident when I asked Greg to turn the system down low- to almost sub conversation levels, where the music was extremely alive despite the low volume. This I think is the system's strongest attribute.

Greg's system does go through the Behold room correction so obviously the system can be tailored to whatever the owner finds pleasing, which makes it a little harder to judge the speakers purely on thier own.

I did not hear the cupped hands phenomenon which I have heard before in horn/quasi-horn systems, and I found the speaker tends to image forward, rather than behind the speaker. I generally prefer a speaker to image behind itself, but the Sunny's positive attributes severely outweigh this preference.

I absolutely have to hear the smaller models (which would be more appropriate for my space) and I also want to try them on my OTL amps, since I think they would be a perfect match.

In this hobby, there are many roads that lead to Rome, and in my estimation the Sunny speakers are one of them.
Does anyone around here possess a first hand experience evaluating GOTO and ALE compression drivers in the same audio system?

GOTO are used in Clement's new favorite speakers.

I've heard 6-way ALE based $500K+ stereo system, including a pair of Plasma super tweeters and two bass horns extending 25 feet outside the house with two ALE bass drivers on each.

I’ve also heard Cogent field coil drivers in the above mentioned audio system.

Just curious!

it would be "nice" if opinions could be expressed freely without being criticized for them.

if someone is a dealer, manufacturer, reviewer or owner of a product, one can understand the rationale for an opinion.
it is not necessary to criticize the opinion.

the purpose of this and other forums is to elicit opinions and exchange them. if one disagrees, express an opposite opinion, without criticizing the person.