Clearly an oddball turntable. Dual 1229 question.

I picked up a dual 1229 turntable today which in itself isn't too odd but the case is. The turntable is set in a smoke grey acrylic, lucite or plexiglass case. Both the top and bottom are see thru. Basically I'd like to know if Dual sold them like this or maybe this was a special display model. It doesn't look aftermarket to me. It looks like the turntable came this way from Dual. Thanks 


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I sold Dual turntables in the early 70’s.  I believe they were made by United Audio in the Black Forest of Germany.  We did have a functioning display model that you could see the inside mechanism.   I remember selling it when we discontinued the line. I have no idea on cost or if it is even the same model you have.   It’s too long ago. I didn’t particularly like them, the plinths were noisy as hell. 

Thanks for the info. I have a dual 1264 also that I use. I was just more curious about anything cuz it looked like it was a one-off. My brother who actually is a audio file is taught me a little bit kind of hinted at the fact that that could be the case a display model. Thanks again!

Dual is cool, they usually need a lot of work. More mechanical stuff. Keep an eye out for empire! 

Dual, was manufactured by… wait for it… Dual.  United Audio was the US distributor, Noresco was the Canadian distributor.

Your turntable was a sales display.  I personally use a 1229 with a Grace 747 tonearm.  Properly maintained its an excellent turntable.