Clearauduio Spider Clamp - What the heck?

So, what am I missing. How does the cartridge play the record with those pieces of metal in the way?????;jsessionid=ac112b1f1f4397acac88c51e4b388cdfb5ee9b8120b9.e3eTaxiNaN0Te3qPbh4RahqMc41ynknvrkLOlQzNp65In0?sc=2&category=421&it=A&id=1132
I think the spider is needed to center the metal ring, which does not fit the platter precisely; once this is done, you remove it.

Clearaudio now have an acrylic ring which you put round the edge of the platter, allowing you to slip the metal ring on precisely in place with no spider needed. Works like a charm.


It is called the LOCATOR. I don't know if this will work with other platters but for those using Clearaudio tables this is the perfect add-on. Using the Outer Limit put the sound to the next level. Evrything just focused and tightened. The Locator made using the Outer Limit a breeze
Thanx. Boy, what a retard I am!!
Yagbol2; where did you get the Locator? I can't find it anywhere. Do you remember what you paid for it? thanx
Your Clearaudio dealer or Musical Surroundings should be able to sell you one. Best call Musical Surroundings. You have the option to order it with your Outer Limit which I did.
Yaggy, Thanx for the response. FYI - Clearaudio has since discontinued the Spider and The Locator cannot be bought separately (as explained to me from Musical Surroundings).

Luckily, I found a retailer who had one spider left in inventory.
Hi Paw,
I assume you are using a Clearaudio table. Which? I ask because I don't know if the Locator will fit other makes as platter sizes may differ. Nevertheless, with the Locator fitting the Outer Limit is a breeze. I normally slip it in with the platter spinning. It takes a bit of practice but you'll be surprised how much faster it is!
I have a Clearaudio Champ II (you?) I got the spider centering tool today. Although it looks a little different than what I've seen in pictures, just a little though. I can't wait to try it tonight. I got my outer limit yesterday and used it without the centering tool and I seemed to get it pretty close. Although, I hope the centering tool (for $150) makes it much more accurate.