Clearaudio vs EAT turntables

Looking for a mid priced turntable/arm set up for my second system.  Trying to keep cost under $5K or so inclusive of a cartridge.

Options I'm considering: Clearaudio Performance DC with Satisfy arm,  and EAT C sharp.  

Or I've thought about a new SOTA Sapphire with a modest tonearm of some sort, though honestly if I bought a SOTA I would be tempted to go whole hog and get a NOVA with vacuum and a top flight arm, all of which is way over budget for my second rig.

The system for this: Naim CD5 digital player, Classe Audio DR5 preamp, Pass XA 25 amp, Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene on Sound Anchors, Synergistic cables.  Current table BTW is a vintage Pioneer PL600 with a Hana EL cartridge.

Of course the new table needs to be a significant step up from my current, which in all honesty is quite good for the $500 investment I have in it.

Anyone have experience with the above tables and can chime in??


Last year, I wrestled with the same dilemma. I considered the Clearaudio Performance w/arm, the EAT C-Sharp (w/carbon fiber arm), The Dr Feickert Volare w/arm and commensurate cartridges. I had settled on a budget of around $5K. I read everything I could find on all three, and visited local audio shops to view the tables and seek their advice. I could easily have lived with any of the three tables.

I can’t tell you which one to choose, but I can tell you what I did. Finally, I found a nice vintage audiophile turntable being showcased by a local audio shop. It included a Benz Micro Reference MC cartridge (that alone would be half of my budget). Obviously, both had some miles but both were set up and ready for audition. I was pleased with the sound and, together with with a new step-up transformer, came in right at my budget. At my age, this is likely to be my last turntable.

Not likely to sound world’s apart when fitted with the same cartridge. They all have a similar design philosophy in that they’re non-suspended belt-drive tables. I’d send an email inquiry to each company as a test of their customer support. I’d wager that you will only get a response from one of the three, at most. Buy from the one that responds. 
What cartridge are you thinking about?  (or are you putting your Hana on the new table)

The Pure Fidelity Encore with OL Silver arm will be right around your price range, and it's also a very nice table.

(And yes, I'm a Pure Fidelity dealer)

I can’t tell if your question is for me, or the OP. If it’s for me, I thought I made it clear that I bought the table. I’m still happy with the sound and have loaded up on reissue vinyl. I’m sure that if I decided to sell the table someone would be willing to buy it for more than I paid for it, for the same reasons that it appealed to me. BTW, it’s a JA Michell. I think the suggestion of testing each companies customer service is a good one.