Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood vs. Virtuoso Wood MKII

How can I tell from the cartridge body, packaging, etc. if the cartridge I bought is the MK II version? I was told it was, but suspect I may have been misled. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
I called a large Clearaudio dealer who new nothing about a MKII version and they just got a shipment from Musical Surroundings (the US distributor). Have you seen any info on the Clearaudio website referring to a MKII? I'm looking to buy a Virtuoso Wood for myself, so I'm interested in updated info also.
I do not think there is a mk II version. Clearaudio has just started sending their lower price MM cartridges in wood to the US.
I spoke with Clearaudio and got a very straightforward answer. All Virtuoso Wood cartridges are MKII versions because the have only been making the V W for about four years or so.
Yes,the wood body is MKII version.
Thanks Wrtickle, very helpful info.