Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood -- Fernambuk vs. Ebony

I am curious to know if anybody has compared the Clearaudio Virtuoso (Fernambuk) Wood Cartridge to the Clearaudio Virtuoso (Ebony) Wood Cartridge? Many audiophiles, including US distributors, are not familiar that the Virtuoso is available is 3 versions: Fernambuk, Ebony and all Aluminum. I would like to know if anybody has listening experience between the wooden versions of this cartridge. I've just mounted an Ebony version on a JMW 10.5i Tonearm. My electronics section mix a Conrad Johnson PV-12 Preamp with phono stage and a McCormack DNA Revision A Poweramp. Thanks.
A Cearaudio Virtuoso (Ebony) Wood Cartridge came with my Marantz 15TT. When the tonearm proved to be defective I was sent a new TT. The cartridge is Black and Silver, unlike the ebony black I originally purchased. I have noticed a sound difference. The Ebony seemed clearer. But then again the tonearm proved to be defective. I do not know if the "Ebony" should always be all black. Does anyone know?
I am not familiar with the Fernambuk version of this cartridge, but I also have the Marantz TT w/the Ebony Virtuoso. I've actually had 2 of these carts - both had an Ebony upper section with a metal lower section. I'm not aware of an all-wood Virtuoso.

Dmet - Could you describe the defect with the arm?
From what I could understand... the VTA was to low causing interference with the damping cue not allowing the stylus complete and/or continuous contact with the LP.