Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood Cartridge Feeler

Looking to get a Marantz TT15S1 but as crazy as it sounds, I don't want the Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood Cartridge. Friends and my fiancee will be using this table and I just don't want something that expensive and without a replaceable stylus. Looking to see if someone wants to go in one. I get a new TT and you a new cartridge. Both at a great price. LA area would be best so you be present and confident that its new.
The Virtuoso Ebony is regarded as one of the best MM carts
in the MM thread. I upgraded two of them by Axel in Germany; one with aluminum cantilever and line contact stylus; the other with boron cantilever and super-elliptical stylus. I sold the 'aluminum' one on A'gon market for $700. Your assumption about replacement styli is btw wrong. See Fleibs contributions in the MM thread.
My advice is to post the cart to Axel ( and ask for : pressure fitted line contact in aluminum cantilever. It is not 'that expensive' considering the fact that you will have a top cart for a bargain price.

Best MM indeed.
Thanks Nandric for giving me something to think about. Perhaps I should reconsider.
Hello Mad_chemist, Even though Clearaudio would like you to send it in for re-tip, it's quite easy to DIY or send it to a retipper for an inexpensive upgrade. It's Soundsmith level 1, or equivalent that's preferred. If you look at LpGear and styli listed under their own category, you'll see the ATN95SE for $45. This seems identical to the stock stylus. You might want to cut away the plastic stylus holder wings with a wire cutter. It will look like the orig in dk green rather than black. There are also vivid line and shibata available. These are all bonded diamonds on a straight alum cantilever. Cu, VTF are the same. If you have a light arm, I'd recommend the 3472 series. These are also a direct fit when you cut away the excess plastic (mandatory). Max VTF will be around 1.5g with these. AT being the OEM is easily seen by carefully prying up the orig stylus assembly. A re-tip service can make it any cu you want. Soundsmith level 1 is a tapered alum/nude elliptical.
That's the only MM made me think of switching from MC + all these amazing advantages!