clearaudio turntables

Why the big price increases on the mid line?(dc performance, dc wood ,ovation). see the music direct catalog.

jerry powell:the grinch who stole Christmas! he'll walk the plank soon!

it is probably because of the pricing of the 2 macintosh turntables. The arm on the mac introductory table is a version of the arm on the Ovation.

they need a usa only doorbuster special instead of gouging the wealthy : ie put a tangeant arm on the dc

the blinkin blinker strikes again!
I'm interested in the Performance DC Wood W/satisfy arm. I currently own a 1986 Linn TT w/a Ittokk arm and Cirkus upgrade and Lingo 3. How do these TT's match up sound wise. I've heard the Concept but never the DC Wood.

I am a quasi record "collector" not really an audiophile

I am exclusively rock.

i have(had) linn-itock-archiv lingo 1-tri amp isobariks activ

I gave up on vinyl.

it's too fragile and  difficult to handle. 

i'm sick of buying bum records on e bay(controlled source) :ignorant  hillbilly amateurs. dumpster diving at record shows is worse! too much competition for trash!

among 100 other rants :there are too many hi end high fi products

you should move to a file server with a mytek style streaming bridge and a pair of powered speakers before the bottom falls out of the vinyl bs

Thank you Schubert; when you leave "audiophilia", these are the worlds dumbest people.
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