clearaudio turntables

Why the big price increases on the mid line?(dc performance, dc wood ,ovation). see the music direct catalog.
Looks like ~ 10-15% increases across the board, that have hit in the last few months? Their base models (Concept, Performance, Ovation, Innovation) are great products that have stood the test of time several years on since introduction. Given inflation, it’s reasonable to do such an increase every few years.

Rather than cranking out MK #’s revisions, redesigns, or even dropping & introducing whole lines every couple years (ahem - VPI), and using that as a time to work in huge price increases, ClearAudio continuously works improvements into their existing models over time. I’ve spotted a number of such improvements on these CA tables, over years. They’ve quite granularly filled gaps in the pricing with in-between models and premiums options (e.g. birch plinth on the Concept). And when comparing past/present pricing you also have to compare apples-to-apples on the options; it appears they finally got rid of that atrocious "Clarify" magnetic arm as one of the lower-cost bundle options (in favor of Satisfy or Tracer), which is a particularly great move IMO. That Clarify arm was holding these great tables back in most real-world conditions. The arm pivot is NOT a good place for magnetic suspensions; a disappointing misstep by CA there. Their rigid bearing arms are fantastic.

The price increase still sucks for new/prospective buyers, but seems pretty reasonable to me.

clarify is still listed as( a )default arm on dc perf. only the ovation has a new arm(at over 8K! ;from 6K). no cartridge upgrades ,either.

weak us dollar!

I have not heard many clearaudio tables in my day.  I wish I heard more.
Weak dollar? Other currencies (e.g. EUR, GBP) are even far weaker. Looks like just typical inflation over the years, coupled with no economies of scale from the very low volume in this high-end niche market.

Huh, I see a lot more the Satisfy/Tracer options in the big online sites selling ClearAudio table bundles, instead of the Clarify. The Tracer looks really nice! Any retailer would be wise to discourage the Clarify, to avoid potential/likely customer problems. 


The $ USD is not a weak currency.  On the contrary all other currencies are lower.  Here's a basic macroeconomics fact: a strong currency in the importing country makes imported goods more expensive.

FACT, the EURO is worth MORE than the US $ , Today only 14 % , usually higher ,Were the dollar not the world reserve it would be worth half of the Euro .

weak currency ruins purchasing power for imports

diagnosis: severe fiscal problems in the victim country
 as you saw( the stock market )yesterday

the fed is behind it. since 2001.and before

with jerry the blinker at  the helm
 you'll pay double for it by 2020, assuming clearaudio even bothers to export it.

I really like ClearAudio's present line of tables, and have grown to appreciate mine even more over the years. I also think they're among the very best looking tables in the world; a clean, high-class refined aesthetic without too much bling. I really wish they were more affordable, too. But wow, this thread has veered waaay off from the tables themselves - but since you're the OP anyways, have at it :)
I thoroughly enjoy my Marantz TT15s1. Not a high end table, just a great alternative to the rega / music hall / pro-ject tables. It represents a very good value Clearaudio product.

jerry powell:the grinch who stole Christmas! he'll walk the plank soon!

it is probably because of the pricing of the 2 macintosh turntables. The arm on the mac introductory table is a version of the arm on the Ovation.

they need a usa only doorbuster special instead of gouging the wealthy : ie put a tangeant arm on the dc

the blinkin blinker strikes again!
I'm interested in the Performance DC Wood W/satisfy arm. I currently own a 1986 Linn TT w/a Ittokk arm and Cirkus upgrade and Lingo 3. How do these TT's match up sound wise. I've heard the Concept but never the DC Wood.

I am a quasi record "collector" not really an audiophile

I am exclusively rock.

i have(had) linn-itock-archiv lingo 1-tri amp isobariks activ

I gave up on vinyl.

it's too fragile and  difficult to handle. 

i'm sick of buying bum records on e bay(controlled source) :ignorant  hillbilly amateurs. dumpster diving at record shows is worse! too much competition for trash!

among 100 other rants :there are too many hi end high fi products

you should move to a file server with a mytek style streaming bridge and a pair of powered speakers before the bottom falls out of the vinyl bs

Thank you Schubert; when you leave "audiophilia", these are the worlds dumbest people.
FACT, the EURO is worth MORE than the US $ , Today only 14 % , usually higher ,Were the dollar not the world reserve it would be worth half of the Euro .

they raised the price for the profit margin.

after this jerry blinker generated stock market crash ,let's see how many americans are left to be gouged!

Buy used or better yet vintage refurbs if you're concerned about profit margins. And don't put everything in stocks if you can't take the risk.

There's a cost to distributing high-quality foreign imports, which the Clearaudio line unfortunately gets hit by here in USA. Building a good relationship with an authorized dealer can help a bit with that. They're beautiful tables that run like a dream.

Clearaudio tables are some of the most beautiful tables I have ever seen; they sure put my Rega to shame in that department, but there is a price that has to be paid for that beauty.

Rega puts every nickel into functionality; they give you your money's worth in audio. I'm not saying that Clearaudio doesn't give you what you pay for them, but what I am saying is that when you get beauty plus the highest quality audio, it's going to cost you more.

I don't look at my turntables, I only listen to them.
I don’t look at my Ovation. I listen to it, and it was worth every penny. No matter how much I upgrade the rest of the system, the Ovation just demonstrates over and over how it delivered at higher levels of performance all along. Now I have a Universal arm on the way to replace the Magnify I have now. I have no doubt it will be a jaw dropping improvement, regardless of how badass it looks.
The Ovation is a wonderful table. It taps into the performance of the upper-range of the Clearaudio line, and is a sweet spot if you don't require multiple tonearms. Congrats on the arm upgrade to the Universal! I find mine to be an epic match with the Shelter Harmony - I bet that can take down some much more pricey combinations. Don't ever pair the Universal with a Koetsu stone body though, lol.

I've had my Ovation for 6 years, and started off with a Clarify arm and Talisman V2 cartridge. Now I have the Magnify with a Concerto V2. After I get my Universal arm I will start setting money aside for a new cartridge. Since Clearaudio does "retip" credits I am thinking about a Stadivari V2 for it. I also recently added a HRS ADH 850gr clamp and the Clearaudio outer limit ring. I am also using some isoAcoustics feet for it. This sounds fantastic. Can't wait to see what the Universal brings.