Clearaudio TT5 Linear Tracker

Thinking about getting one with a Performance DC, what cartridge would work with it? Compliance and so forth. I Have Ortofon Quintete Black and Sumiko Blackbird High output
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Funny, I was thinking about the same thing.  I've got the Peformance DC also, and wondered if the TT5 would be over kill.  I'm not crazy about jumping up to the Ovation for another 3k with about the same tone arm I have on now.
I think linear trackers are the way to just dont know much about this one I like the simplicity no air pump like my Trans Fi T3 I used to own
 A friend of mine has one and he has a clear Audio goldfinger on it. Combo works great, probably the best analogue I've ever heard 
Wow goldfinger on that level of arm
 Actually I was mistaken it is the clear audio top-of-the-line linear tracker.