Clearaudio TQI Setup

I have a few questions regarding the setup of this arm. If anyone has any experience with them, any help would be most appreciated. I have gone through the manual, but it seems a little lacking in detail as far as i am concerned. One thing I think may be wrong is that the armboard may have been drilled incorrectly. (Installing on a Clearaudio Revolution) Using the Clearaudio Alignment Protractor, I can't get a straight line to the spindle from the outer edge of the platter. The other question is in regards to setting the VTA. Is it accomplished by using the two adjustable posts on the base? I would have thought that this was relatively fixed by the fitup of the base to chassis interface. The manual pictures leave a lot to be desired, and a Google search did not turn up much in the way of help. Any here would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Paul,
You should always be able to get the diamond on the straight line on the protractor by
- rotating the armboard, and
- increasing/decreasing the distance of the small cartridge tube from the horizontal axis

If possible, please send me a picture of your armboard.

VTA is adjusting by screwing the two small posts on the armbase. This is a tricky will be changed every time you lifted the arm. So be gentle and careful.

You may find more information at, the webmaster is using a heavily modified TQ1.