Clearaudio Talisman wont fit my JMW 12.7 arm ....

Hi there ,
I just bought a Clearudio Talisman Gold V2 cartridge to go on my VPI TNT 6 fitted with a JMW 12.7 arm . When the Dealer went to fit the cartridge , the cartridge couldn't be moved far enough back in the headshell as the pins/mounting wires were hard up against the rear of the headshell cutout .The Dealer stated that the headshell component of the 12.7 was fairly short compared to many other tonearms . Just wondering if anyone else has encountered problems with cartridge mounting on the 12.7 and how this was resolved ( if at all ) ?
What sub $2000 cartridges definitely fit from users experience ? Many Thanks .
Using a Van den Hul Colibri on mine. Have also used Allnic Verito, ZYX Airy 3.
Dynavectors and Benz are also good matches in general. VPI has a Soundsmith made for them. Never heard of trouble like you are having. Cheers,
the whole line of clearaudio cartridges with the insider/sigma type body have the cartridge pins far forward on the cartridge and are a challenge for most leads to reach the cartridge pins. While the cartridges sound great, this is not a good design and requires lengthened cartridge leads.
Just move your pivot point back. I had the same problem with my Lyra and that's what I did. I use a Mint to align and it worked mint!