Clearaudio Syncro Power Supply

Anyone run one of these with your Clearaudio turntable?
I can't find any reviews of this component so I would love to hear opinions from those who have used one compared to not using it. Is it worth the $1500? Also, I'd like to hear if you have used the Smart Syncro version.

If u only have one motor clear audio table version, try picking up a used SDS in the $800 range. I did and it works well for my master solution.

It's also really nice to be able to change to 45 rpm electronically without messing with moving the belt on the pulley.

synchros very rarely come up used as they generally go with the 3 motor clear audio cables as a package.
I have recently added a Synchro, the old version (75W), to my Master Solution. They are not made anymore, and occasionally come up second hand. Didn't want the "Smart synchro", as I just hate "wall warts". This is the single output version, I agree the 3 output version is not available stand alone as it is tied in with the Maximum solution and Master Reference 3 motor products.
To tell you the truth, using Dr. Feickerts app, the synchro has made almost no difference to the speed stability, but it is great being able to switch to 45, without realigning the belt, and it is possible to fine tune the speed to exactly 33.33 and 45.