Clearaudio stylus life

Clearaudio lists the stylus life for the Virtuoso Wood cart to be around 2000 hours. That sounds optomistic. Has anyone had to replace/re-tip their stylus much sooner than this?
I have not, I have not used but have admired Clearaudio cartridges. I would not be surprised at the 2000hrs. though. Looking at thier web site the MC carts carry a two year warranty alone and I doubt that they would warranty a product until near the end of useful life. Any other thoughts out there?
Can't speak for a VW; however, I've been told to expect 3500 to 4000 hours on my Stradivari (under proper conditons--i.e., correct stylus pressure, overall care, etc).
I can't comment on Clearaudio. I have many older cartridges that I bought new and used for many years. I have an old Yamaha MC-7, for example that I replaced years ago because I thought that it would need retipping. I had it checked recently, and was told that the stylus was in excellent condtion and could be used for a least another 500 - 1000 hours. I also had my Shure Ultra 500 assembly checked (new stylus assemblies are no longer available) It too was found to be in excellent condition. That being the case, I am not surprised by Clearaudio's claims. I think we (audiophiles in general) have been disgarding perfectly good stylus assemblies for years, under the assumption that they are significantly worn when they get several hundred hours of play. In most cases, they are not. If it sounds good after prolonged use, it probably is good.