Clearaudio Statement and Walker

Hi Folks:

Since the only US copy of this table is in California and that's a very long distance, I am looking to get some opinions as to this table's sound especially versus the Walker.


Since you can afford the Clearaudio Statement, I would get both tables and do the comparison if I were you. Seriously.
The Clearaudio's sound is about $100K more expensive than the Walker. Just kidding.........sort of. I am very familiar with the Walker sound, somewhat so with the Clearaudio. The CA is on the cool side of neutral. The Walker is on the warm side of neutral. I think the Walker has more in common with the sound of the TW line than it does with the CA camp. Honestly, and I am biased, for $57K, I don't think you can better the Walker by adding more money. It is music. Dynamic. sweet, as good as the software you place on it. And if you want to spend less and still get a straight-line tracking arm, take a look at the Bergmann $20K table. If you can live with a pivoted arm, look at the TW AC or the TW Black Knight. Best of Luck!
[/quote]Walker has more in common with the sound of the TW line[/quote]

The Walker has a ton more of technical innovations and is still not different?

Is High End at the low end....
If you truly can afford either of these tables and are serious about buying one, the price of a plane ticket to LA to visit David W. and hear the Clearaudio is small change. Same for going to Audubon PA to hear Lloyd's setup, if you haven't heard one.