Clearaudio Solutions/Graham arm-board questions

Hi! A year or so ago I bought a Clearaudio Solutions table with a Graham Robin arm and Benz L2 cartridge used right here on Audiogon. Just the other day I decided to upgrade the arm and purchased a Graham 1.5t for the Clearaudio Solutions table to replace the Graham Robin. My big question is am I going to need to buy a new arm-board for the 1.5 or will the arm-board the Robin sits on work out for me. I'm thinking I'm going to have to invest in a new arm-board as the Robin was meant to compete with the Rege Rb series arms. If I do need to a new arm-board would my best source be Clearaudio or a Clearaudio dealer or our there othere sources out there cheaper with the same great quality. Thanks for any help in advance.

Cheers Gary & Deanna in freezing Michigan.

P>S>If anyone out there is familiar with the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Know of any high end audio shops with a good turntable tech?