clearaudio satisy tonearm bearings

I have a damaged clearaudio satisfy tonearm, where the rod that goes through the tonearm shaft at the pivot has dislocated from the bearings on either side of the bearing collar. the bearings seem to be brass screws in a brass nut, with a concave point to set the rod points in. the brass screws have a slot on the outside, which looks like it would be used to adjust the screw in or out to tighten the connection between screw and rod. However, the screws do not turn, and the nut is recessed so you cant get a wrench on it. therefore, I cant back it out enough to get the rod point seated in the concave part of the screw.

Does anyone know how to remove these screws? are they glued in place after being set at the factory? Are they pressed in place, along with the nut? It looks like someone has already tried to unscrew them and buggered up the slot on one side. If I can get either side to move about a mm, I can reseat the rod and then retighten to make it work.

Any thoughts?