Clearaudio Satisfy Arm Lift / VTA Issue

I love the fit and finish of my Clearaudio Ambient Solo but I have an issue with the lack of tollerance between the tonearm lift and the tonearm. Basically the tonearm touches the armlift when in the down position, I have to raise the VTA higher than I would like in order to clear the arm lift. The armlift height is not adjustable.
My dealer gave me a metal spacer (that comes with Clearaudio wood carts) to increase the spacing / raise the arm, but in order to set propper VTF the counterweight almost falls off the arm. Not to mention I'm unsure of the sonic disadvantages to the increased tonearm / headshell mass.

Has anyone else experienced this with a Clearaudio Satifsy arm? Will the added tonearm / headshell mass adversly affect the sonics?
On your Satisfy you will see the round cylinder that sits on the arm board that your arm is connected the back of that round cylinder is a tiny allen screw, loosen that and you will be able to lift the arm up a few mm.

You will notice a shiny cylinder that fits into the larger cylinder and that's where the problem is. be very carful only to raise it a few mm because of the tonearm wires pass through there. basically what your doing is raising the arm away from the tonearn lift rail.

PM me if you need more info