ClearAudio Reference w/SME V Vs SME10 ?

I am considering two tables:

1) ClearAudio Reference acrylic table (boomerang plinth) with an SME V tonearm.
2) All SME 10 table (maybe upgrade to an SME V tonearm, maybe not).

I will be using either with a ClearAudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge connected to a Hovland HP100's MM phono-stage.

Both pass the wife's aesthetic requirements so it's down to sound and performance.

Any opinions?

I have noted that VERY few Clearaudio Reference's or even Revolution's have been mentioned in light of the new Master Solution and Maximum Solution (too expensive). But my wife liked the boomerang plinth better then the tri-legged plinth looks wise.


Dear Matt: The SME 10 is an exellent performer by any standard. My advise is that you go for it: with the SME IV or V tonearm. Take a look, too, to: : Mambo and Analogue One MK2, great turntables.
My advise too, is that change your cartidge: if you like the Clearaudio ones you can go for the Victory. I recomended to you the Sumiko Celebration ( gigant killer )that, btw, was " voicing " with the SME tonearms.
Yes, with these cartridges you need an MC phono stage, but it is heavy worthly.
Regards and always enjoy the music.
I own an SME 20/2a. When I was choosing, the Clearaudio was certainly a candidate. There is no question that the Clearaudio has somewhat better visual aesthetics.

But based on engineering, materials and performance I would recommend the 10. I like the damping scheme of the platter and the record hold-down clamp. The speed control allows one to adjust the speed at the touch of a button. And the small form factor of the SME 10 can also be a big plus.

Bear in mind that you will need a good platform to set either of these tables on since they are not suspended.
That's one of my biggest issues!

I have a custom made Mahogany and Steel rack that weighs in at about 350 lbs and the top double wide plinth of mahogany is 3" thick by 24" deep by 40" long and sits on 6 industrial strength points in cups on the top of the lower portion of the rack.

I have been specifically informed that NO additinal platforms, vibration isolation or anything (granite, concrete, graphite, etc) can be used.

Will the mega heavy and solid rack be enoug to isolate either table?

I have say that my wife is leaning towards the Clearaudio Reference table but would "accept" either.

Your rack should do fine. If that rack cannot isolate any table, it probably can't be done.

I agree with your wife, get the Clearaudio. Just because Raul is clueless.
I agree...Your rack sounds like it will accommodate either turntable.

Listen carefully to each one, preferrably in your own system for a few days, and buy the one that suites your priorities.