clearaudio reference phono preamplifer is good?

i want to buy a big phono preamplifier, i have a garrard 401 turntable, sme 309 tonearm, at-oc9 cartridge, krell kpe phono pre, mark levinson 28 pre, krell ksa50-s amplifier, i loved the jazz,rock, classic, all the music, i want to buy a clearaudio reference phono preamplifer is really good?. My intention is conect the clearaudio to krell 50s.
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Try the Manley, it's really sublime, and you can use different arm/cartidge combos or different turntables without much trouble.

It sounds aweseome, too.
krell and ML do not go well together. try either krell preamplifier with your kpe or switch to all ML not mix any other components...
and aesthetix signature io phono preamplifier?
If you still want a clearaudio balanced reference I have one I would sell for 3k.
SM2727 - please contact me re: Clearaudio Balanced Reference if you want to sell