Clearaudio Phono

Did a search through all threads. Apparently there's been no talk about Clearaudio phono stages (entry level -Symphono at $1.1k and top model-Reference at $3.5k). Would love to hear any comments/experience especially when uses with a Clearaudio cart. Thanks.
Listened to the *ref* at a dealer's (TT: Clearaudio Ref/Insider) and a friend's house (small Clearaudio TT, Victory). Sound was analytical and fast; outstanding clarity. Musically: correct timbres in jazz & classical, dynamics galore, emphasizing analysis vs. "warmth". I remember these characteristics on both TTs mentioned above. Also, takes time to reach optimal operating level -- best kept powered all the time, it seems.

Remember, never lived with this phono -- so these are 1st hand impressions only.

they are very very good.