Clearaudio Performance Turntable

Has anyone tried the Clearaudio Performance turntable? What did you think?

What are your thoughs on the Performance package offered by Clearaudio:

Performance Turntable
+ Satisfy-Carbon-Tonearm
+ Maestro Wood MM cartridge
+ CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing)
Agiaccio: I have the Clearaudio Ambient with the Satisfy Satiree wood arm and the CMB bearing. First off the table you are looking at is totally cool looking in either the white or black synthetic marble. The CMB bearing is the coolest thing ever (Special ceramic that is smoother than polished steel so less resistence), the platter just spins and no maintenance other than a couple drops of oil every year. Another cool thing is later you can upgrade to the Magnum which has the taller heavier platter (nice having an upgrade path). I had a Rega RB300 before and I prefer the Satisfy arm by a long shot, especially because of the excellent cabling in the arm. That combo will provide stress free and easy setup and will have good synergy. The MM will help eliminate phono noise for you if you are getting started. Plus if you wack the cantilever off, Clearaudio like Benz has reduced replacement which in my book is a life saver.

That combo is musical with that wood bodied cart!
I just auditioned this unit a couple of days ago. Very, very, very musical. The unit I auditioned had an Audio Note MM cartridge, not the Maestro, which I’m told is not quite as smooth. Seems to be kind of a no brainer in this price category.
Can an older Ambient be upgraded with the CMB bearing?
Yes Clearaudio offers a CMB bearing upgrade and you can even step up to a Magnum upgrade which is the 70mm platter and tonearm tower.... That's a really nice thing about Clearaudio tables!