Clearaudio Performance SE

Have been using Rega P3 with Dynavector 10x5 cartridge for 13 years. Have a few extra dollars and am considering an upgrade. Friend of mine looking to part with his Clearaudio due to his upgrade. Unfortunately, we are 1200 miles away, and there is no dealer in the Atlanta area.
Anybody familiar with the sounds of these tables?
Warm, detailed, extended highs, great bearing. I had one and thought it was a great table. It was definitely in the same leauge with my VPI Classic, and beat the pants off of the Scoutmaster and Aries I that I had, among others.

GReat table. Should be about $1500 used.
Tennisdoc40, I live in the Atlanta area and have a clearaudio champion which I got from playhouse audio, not sure if he still carries it. I think that Jim at antiques on the square in Marietta might carry clearaudio too. Can also check out audio alternatives in Lilburn, they have the well tempered that everyone seems to be raving about.
It is an excellent table...I kept mine until I upgraded to the innovation series...just more of the good stuff the Performance SE delivers.