Clearaudio Ovation Upgrade

I'm currently running a Clearaudio Concept Wood with a Hana ML, which I'm very pleased with. I'm considering upgrading to the Clearaudio Ovation, I'm just not quite sure what to expect. If I do I'll be going with the Tracer tonearm to move up from my current Satisfy. 

If I don't move to the Ovation, I'm considering the Performance DC Wood. Would a step up the the Performance DC Wood be wasted? Go full bore into the Ovation and be done? Any guidance is appreciated. 
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Feeling a bit lazy this Sunday morning, but from a recent relevant thread:

" I went from a Concept Wood (w/ Satisfy arm) to Ovation w/ Tracer. The Ovation performs flawlessly, and presents a fuller, yet more nuanced sound, with a complete "black" background. It's a perfect table for me, and brings me joy. That said, I'm not sure the move to DC to Ovation would be worth the cost. Concept to Ovation, sure."
Awesome thanks for the reply, I never saw your original response. You're in the same boat as I'm curious about. Do you feel satisfied moving from the Concept to the Ovation? Would you say the upgrade satisfied your needs? I'd like to avoid paying almost double for the Ovation when the DC Wood seems like 75% of the table. I just learned the Ovation uses a different motor than the DC. Also, how do you like the Tracer arm? Major upgrade?
I’m way more than satisfied with the move to Ovation from Concept. I’ve had the Ovation for almost 2 years now, and I’ll still shake my head at how awesome it is. : ) At the time of the upgrade I had a Benz Wood SL and got to compare the same cart on both tables. Think of the Ovation as presenting in the same vein as the Concept did, but richer and more detailed all around. The Tracer arm tracks beautifully and is a no fuss arm. I now have a Benz LPS on the Ovation running into a Pass XP15, and am just so smitten when I spin a record. There are no obvious sins of commission with my setup.

I’m sorry I don’t have any experience with the DC, but I did consider it strongly. However, I just know I would’ve upgraded to the Ovation eventually, so rather than string myself along, I sprang for the Ovation. My goal was a near "end game" table (or one that keeps me placated for a few years... )
This is where in headed too, I'd like to be endgame. I think the Ovation is endgame for me. I've seen it in person and it's a beautiful table. I'm interested in learning while moving up the chain that's why I'm so curious about each tier. I'd like to avoid half-step moves if you know what I mean. My biggest complaint is motor noise the the concept. It isn't pronounced when playing records, but it is when music isn't playing. I'd also like to be able to use an outer ring and from what I've read it isn't possible on the DC, but is on the Ovation. My biggest qualm is the $3k price difference and realistic improvement from each. I'm torn.