Clearaudio Ovation

Anyone own or had a chance to hear this table? I'd appreciate your thoughts, particularly in comparison to other tables that are comparably priced. Thanks.
I heard this table at the Audio Connection in Verona, NJ last Saturday. Garth was there from Musical Surroundings with the table. It was using a Benz Wood cartridge and the Aesthetix Rhea phono stage Calypso preamp, Atlas amp and Vandersteen 5A's. The table has a very clean and dynamic sound with a great midrange and dynamics. Mary Black sounded extremely natural with excellent timbre.

My experience with other tables has been limited to VPI and Michell and the Clearaudio seems to combine the strenghts of both. If I could afford it, I would buy one. YMMV so I suggest you go hear it and decide if it's strengths match your listening biases.
I was hoping to get to John's for that event but I had other plans that could not be changed. Thanks for sharing your observations!
Plus, the Clearaudio Panzerholtz plinth puts it miles ahead of the competition, that's the reason for the mid-band magic and dynamics...
TW Acustic much better table.
I don’t believe that TW Acustic is comparably priced. However, after lusting after the TW Acustic table since I first heard it a couple of years ago, I do believe that for the difference in price the new Ovation is a serious contender and will probably be my next table.