Clearaudio or Acoustic signature Double x

I would like to hear from current or past owners of the Clearaudio Performance and the tonearm/cartridge used and Acoustic Signature Double x with either the TA-1000 or TA 2000 tonearm, and if you've had both tables the pluses and minuses for each, as I am in the market for one of these and I cant make up my mind, perhaps with a little feedback from the Audigon community I will be able to?
Thanks everyone

Can’t speak to the Clearaudio. I have the AS Triple X with the 12” TA1000. Similar to the XX but beefier. I think the Acoustic Signature Tables are just so so good. Clearaudio is solid but the engineering and build of the XX is amazing. High mass tables to me are the way to go. The tone arms are just “Art and Engineering”. I love mine so much I might wanna be buried with it. ;-) sorry to gush but if you have specific questions about the AS let me know.
Thanks for the input audiosaurusrex, yes Im leaning towards the AS double X, as I love the beauty of the table, my budget is ~5-6K maybe a few bucks more if I have to, but not much more, The reason I'm asking on this forum, is I don't see much in the way of Reviews on the AS double X, as I do on the Clearaudio, I also considered the VPI classic, however the German engineering seems to be just a cut above, let me know if i'm wrong on this point?
You are absolutely not wrong on this rbtstock. There is not much on the Acoustic Signature tables as many go the American way but I have to say the Germans do audio very well indeed. Clearaudio included. I have the little known SPL Director/Performer Combo with their Phonos driving my American made Spatial M3 Sapphires. The best system I have ever had! The engineering is impeccable and the customer support is there through your dealer. I had a slight issue with the motor probably damaged in shipping and Fidelis shipped a new one no questions asked. I was initially looking at the XX but found a deal on the older but brand new triple X in white with the 12” TA 1000. Just a thing of beauty! The thing is a beast and if you check Audiocircle you can see my system in the gallery. I actually have my open baffle speaker in front of the table about 3 feet and no feedback absolutely none! You will in fact fall in love with the double X and be very satisfied! I could probably wager on that. Good Luck and let me know how you make out!
Thanks for the reply audiosaururex, I have the double-x scheduled to arrive tomorrow, im sure I will be with this table for a while, however I still haven't decided on whether I should get the TA-1000, or the TA 2000, I contacted Marc at fidelis and he has excellent price on the TA-2000, any input on tonearms is most welcome, I also thought about the Kuzma Stogi S 12 VTA, as they state it can be mounted on tables requiring 9inch arms, however, the synergies of AS arm and table, are probably the smart way?
I looked at you system, that turntable is sweeeet!, White never the less, never thought about white, but that plinth is outstanding!