Clearaudio Master Reference - impressions?

I'm going to be offered this great-looking source at a very nice price soon (it is used), but I know pretty much nothing about it and I've never heard it play. What I know so far is that it's a "complete" setup with the Clearaudio Goldfinger pickup.

Does anybody own this table or have heard it and comment on the sound and what you played it with (e.g. phono stage, pickup and the rest of the system) ? How would it stack up to current stuff in the $10-20k range? (with arm & pickup, but excluding phono stage)

Any input would be most welcome, thanks! :)
I've heard the Master Reference at Musical Surroundings and it is definitely a serious piece of work. Speed stability and isolation are exemplary. I've always questioned that arm design but it ain't exactly chopped liver. The entire rig may or may not be what you or I would choose cost no object but the competition is slim at the price that it sounds like you're getting it at.
I haven't heard the Master Reference but currently own a Maximum Solution, which others call the little brother of the Master Reference. It has the same 3-motor setup and APG, but only has 2 plinths.

My choices at that time, in addition to the Max Solution, were the Basis Debut, VPI HRX and the SME 20. Overall, I liked the Max Solution AMG most (sound and aesthetics). Current analog setup includes Graham arm, ZYX cart., Steelhead phonostage, and the table sits on a SRA Ohio isolation base.

I would have wanted the Master TQ arm but setup is quite a challenge so I opted for a more user-friendly arm. I'm currently looking to add a second arm -- probably a Dynavector 507/XV1s combo.

BTW, the Outer Limit ring does make a significant improvement in sound. Is the unit you're looking at an AMG wood, AMG acrylic, or pure acrylic?

Hope this helps. Good luck.
second the outer limit.
Thanks for your input!

I'm not aware of the details yet, i.e. wrt to the Outer Limit. The player is arriving at my dealer's this week and I'll check everything out then.. Can't wait, hehe.

I'm pretty sure it has the Master arm though, but we'll see soon enough. I'll post again when I've had a chance to see it.
Third the outer limit. And if you can spring for matching Everest stand then it would take its performance to even higher level. And it looks great.
Well, all I had to do was to listen to this table, it turned out.. Wow! I was totally impressed and bought it on the spot. Played on the big MBL Reference setup using the MC input stage module in the 6010D preamp, this is quite easily the best sound I've heard so far.

I made quite a bargain too, paying about 50% of retail, as good as new! :)

Analog, here we go again..

It is the AMG Acrylic I believe, by the way. Of course I forgot to check if it has the Outer Limit mod, we'll see when I get it.. I was wrong about the arm too, it's got the 14" arm and not the Master TQ. In any case, I was stunned by the performance of this table, and that Goldfinger pickup just floored me...
congratulations! enjoy!