Clearaudio Maestro vs. Lyra Delos

Anyone had an opportunity to compare these two? I have a low hour maestro that's just broken-in. I'm fairly pleased with it but I have a bad case up upgrade-itis...
To me, the Lyra is better in every way. Not hugely better in any one area, but better overall in the areas that matter to me.
I have both cartridges and I switch these two often because I use SME3009 tonearm with removable headshell so that I can switch them easily, I wish I have two tonearm system so that I don't need to replace them that often.
It really depends on what kind of music you are listening. For me, when I listen to pop music like Eagle's hotel California, the maestro is better in a way that it provides full of power especially the bass is tight and clear, the lyra is more define but I cannot feel the punch like Clearaudio gives to me.
In terms of classical music, no matter orchestra or solo with piano or violin, Lyra is noticeable better. The staging is good, the level is clear, the music is detail but also musical. I feel clearaudio for those type of music cannot touch me more than Lyra.
In summary, If you like Pop or Jazz, go for Clearaudio, if you like classical and instrument, go for Lyra. If you have two tonearm turnable, use both.
For MM cartridge, I have tried several but I like Clearaudio the best. I also like Shure type III very much but it is more of a nostalgia reason, especially use it to listen to Don Mclean's Vicent...
For MC, I also tried a lot, from price/performance point of view, I like Delos the best. Just my two cents.
Dear Cableplex: As Shyandar posted both cartridges are very good. I never had on hand the Delos so I can't compare it against any other cartridge.

Now, you said your Clearaudio " is just broken-in " so IMHO you need to give it a few more hours for the cartridge can shows at its best. The other side on this " shows at its best " depends on the facilities on your phono stage for the electrical cartridge set up: loading impedance and capacitance, both factors very important and its combination makes the difference for the better or bad.

I think is not easy to say which cartridge is better because the whole cartridge set up is what defines its real quality performance level. Only when the each cartridge set up fulfil the each cartridge real needs we can decide the superiority in between.

If I was you and as I said I will give more hours to the Clearaudio and then think/revise where I would like to improve the cartridge performance and then make a fine tunning overall cartridge set up. You need that the cartridge be already sttle down and then re-set its overall set up ( fine tunning. ) and decide about.

Regards and enjoy the music,