Clearaudio Maestro Moving Magnet Cartridge?

Has anyone had a positive experience with a Clearaudio Maestro moving magnet cartridge after a proper break-in period of a minimum of 100 hours and after using a phono preamp burn-in cd such as the Granite Audio phono preamp burn-in cd for a minumum of 50 hours?

Has anyone had a positive experience with the Clearaudio Maestro moving magnet cartridge installed on a high end, non-budget tonearm/turntable combination using non-budget, high end phono cables run into a high end, non-budget phono preamp (perhaps tubed), connected to a high end, non-budget linestage preamp (possibly tubed and balanced), run into non-budget, high-end amp and speaker pair via high quality, non-budget interconnects and cables?

There are always some folks that feel a certain piece of audio gear just does not suit their expectations. This is due to the many variables and synergistics requiring matching with audio gear. When these challanges are properly addressed, the very same gear may exceed the expectations of other Audiophiles.

I am looking for new friends to share your positive experiences with the Clearaudio Maestro Moving Magnet Cartridge. Please include types of cables, tubes, tweeks, etc.
I do. My Clearaudio Maestro is mounted on a Morch DP-6 (Red dot arm - 6gr.), which is mounted on a restored Thorens TD-124MKI with heavy plinth-> Cardas Golden Cross 5 Din to RCA--> Manley Steelhead phonostage-->Cary SLP-05 preamp--> Cary CAD211AE mono blocks---> Avalon Opus Ceramique by Acoustic Zen siver reference.

I enjoy the sound of this as much as my SME 20/2 with Graham Phantom & Lyra Helikon with Nordost TYR phono cable.

I have never been happier .