Clearaudio Innovation Wood or Oracle delphi

Thoughts on Clearaudio Innovation Wood with Universal 9” arm and Jubilee MC Cartridge or Oracle Delphi Mk VI with Tri-Planar and Lyra Etna Lambda cartridge. Looking for a change from my  30 year Linn LP-12. Any impressions would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the opinion. Wasn’t thinking of springs as reason one way or the other. Basically sound decision and maybe $’s savings if I go with Clearaudio
Thanks tonykay. It’s an end game choice. In 30 years pretty sure my listening days are over(70 now). Anyway, grateful for your input and choice will be made soon.
Decided on Clearaudio setup. Difference mainly dealer I’ve dealt with before vs a more unknown quantity. Looking forward to the journey!